Which Responsive Carousel Slider?

Love them or hate them a responsive carousel slider is still a thing. Of course it needs to be a responsive and touch enabled, but apart from that, which carousel should you use? This is around up of three carousel I tried when adding a feature to this site.

Responsive Carousel Slider



A great responsive carousel that doesn’t rely on jQuery which is a real bonus and it is tiny, at tad over 3kb minified. I set it up really easily but it didn’t work with fluid width items so it was no good for me but if I was using fixed width items and breakpoints I would have stuck with Lory.

Owl Carousel


Owl Carousel relies on jQuery but it looked like it worked with items with fluid width which is what I needed. Unfortunately it’s not been updated for 2 years! There is a version 2 but it is currently in beta.



Flickity doesn’t rely on jQuery and it works with fluid widths and it is made by the mighty metafizzy who have made some great products like Masonry and Isotope. The only thing that lets it down is that it is masive! 57kb minified.

Responsive Carousel Slider Round Up

I took the kb hit and went with Flickity it was simple to set up and did everything I asked. My javascript is loaded at the bottom so I can live with the extra weight.

Got any Carousel recommendation? leave a message in the comments.

Poster Design – Chapter Maibock Beerfest!

Poster Design
Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff is know for it’s seasonal beer festivals. Next up is the popular Maibock beer festival which will take place at Chapter at the end of May, 20th – 24th.
There will be a tasty selection of new brews, established favourites and authentic BBQ food specials to celebrate the transition from winter to spring. Enjoy a pint of well-crafted German beer in the spring sun!
Each beer festival Ambercouch create a new poster design – always different from the one before. Although we do always include something from a previous poster, we started doing this years ago and now including something from a previous poster has become an in office challenge. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes it is the tiniest detail that I doubt nobody notices.
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Facebook Promoted Posts Trial – Day 2 & 3

After a slow start during the first 24hrs, I was expecting a surge of action. This didn’t happen. Apart from the fact that the reach is gaining numbers by the day, (from 566 to 1203) this doesn’t really mean anything if there is no engagement.
There was a flicker of engagement in the form of someone ‘liking’ the post. There was also a few links to the site from the post and yes, there was a marginal increase in the traffic to our site on that day. These actions though could have been achieved from just re-posting the same post on a chosen day. At the moment, although what we have spent is low, is is hard to tell if there has been any extra benefit from paying for the ads instead of just sending it out organically. The reach has definitely improved but there has been less engagement through the paid advertising than there was when it was posted organically the first time round.
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Business Networking – to do or not to do?

Business networking is something that has confused me for a while now. In theory it seems like a good idea to form new relationships with other businesses, be social and get away from your own environment and hopefully at some point gain some extra work because of it.  I’ve tried a few over the last year and my overall conclusion was that I didn’t need to go. The extra hours required to put into it and the overall expectation of group contribution did not come out in favour once I compared this with how much work I could do and what I would earn in the same amount of time. However – these meetings are at stupid o clock in the morning, 6.30am, in fact. So the likely hood of me being at my at my desk actually earning money at this time of day are slim to none. I’m leaning further towards none.
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