Facebook Promoted Posts Trial – Day 2 & 3

After a slow start during the first 24hrs, I was expecting a surge of action. This didn’t happen. Apart from the fact that the reach is gaining numbers by the day, (from 566 to 1203) this doesn’t really mean anything if there is no engagement.
There was a flicker of engagement in the form of someone ‘liking’ the post. There was also a few links to the site from the post and yes, there was a marginal increase in the traffic to our site on that day. These actions though could have been achieved from just re-posting the same post on a chosen day. At the moment, although what we have spent is low, is is hard to tell if there has been any extra benefit from paying for the ads instead of just sending it out organically. The reach has definitely improved but there has been less engagement through the paid advertising than there was when it was posted organically the first time round.


Roll on day 3….

The engagement has now jumped from 5 to 12, and there was another interaction in the form of a ‘like’. The reach has yet again increased and is now up to 1805. Again, there was a wee increase in our traffic to our site but nothing really to shout about.
The numbers in reach are not as high as I had expected overall and the engagement currently sits around 0.68%, so is this worth? Right now, not really. A higher level of engagement can be achieved from just sending out good regular content through your social media channels. There has not currently been any actions that will result in any longer term benefit, for example new ‘likes’ on our company page or any further direct action. It may be a little unfair as we did choose the lowest price option just to test it.


Let’s see how the next few days goes….


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