Which Responsive Carousel Slider?

Love them or hate them a responsive carousel slider is still a thing. Of course it needs to be a responsive and touch enabled, but apart from that, which carousel should you use? This is around up of three carousel I tried when adding a feature to this site.

Responsive Carousel Slider



A great responsive carousel that doesn’t rely on jQuery which is a real bonus and it is tiny, at tad over 3kb minified. I set it up really easily but it didn’t work with fluid width items so it was no good for me but if I was using fixed width items and breakpoints I would have stuck with Lory.

Owl Carousel


Owl Carousel relies on jQuery but it looked like it worked with items with fluid width which is what I needed. Unfortunately it’s not been updated for 2 years! There is a version 2 but it is currently in beta.



Flickity doesn’t rely on jQuery and it works with fluid widths and it is made by the mighty metafizzy who have made some great products like Masonry and Isotope. The only thing that lets it down is that it is masive! 57kb minified.

Responsive Carousel Slider Round Up

I took the kb hit and went with Flickity it was simple to set up and did everything I asked. My javascript is loaded at the bottom so I can live with the extra weight.

Got any Carousel recommendation? leave a message in the comments.


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