Facebook Promoted Posts Trial – Day 1

Most people who own a company Facebook page would have noticed quite a reduction in organic reach. For many small business that don’t have a monthly marketing budget and rely on the exposure they get through their page, this is not good news.

So, at Ambercouch we decided to test Facebook advertising. Starting with the Facebook promoted posts option. This is not the boost option you see if the bottom right of each post this is a more structured option aimed at your chosen demographic and type of business you want to appeal to. For this option go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/create and select Page Post Engagement and just follow the steps to create your campaign. The speedo style graphic on the right will let you know if your campaign is too broad, too specific or just right. The estimated reach is also predicted just below this to give to you an idea of how many people might see you post.

We purposely chose the lowest cost option per day to also test if this option can serve any benefit or whether it is just a case of low hanging fruit to entice users to try out the advertising. We opted just to run it for 5 days, this probably isn’t long enough but we shall see what result if any this length of advertising produces.

The results after the first 24hrs of our Facebook promoted posts trial are as pictured. As you can see there has been a little bit of reach in the first 24hrs and 3 engagements. The reach is under par by a few hundred of the lower number of the estimated reach per day. The 3 engagements are hard to determine. They are not likes, shares or comments, they are ‘other’ so they are either link clicks to our site (the post was a blog post on our own Ambercouch blog) or they are just post clicks. It is hard to tell if these 3 engagements are part of the referrals listed in our analytics as referrals from this post.

Facebook promoted posts day 1

For us the goal of this mini experiment would be either to have people share the post so it reaches more people or to gain page likes so that any future posts will reach more people.

We shall see what the next 24hrs will bring……..


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