Web Development Ground Zero – Text Editors

This is the first in a series of posts / screencasts documenting how to install, what you need (what I use) to develop web sites. This is a vast topic so I will be keeping things as brief as possible and including further reading links when I can.

Posts in this series

  • Installing a text editor
  • Installing a browser and dev tools
  • Installing xampp
  • Installing git
  • Installing a Git gui – smartgit

Web Development – Text Editors

A text editor is a simple piece of software for type text. Note Pad that is installed with window is a text editor and all thought it is quite possible to edit a website using Note Pad, I would not recommend using it for any real wed development.

Text editor I have used and recommend are Notpad ++, Sublime Text and Atom. These editor are developed for creating and editing code such as html which is the building blocks of website. Unlike Note Pad, they include feature such as syntax highlighting, code completion, code indenting and find and replace in project.


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