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We are looking for business owners to attend our next session on Thursday 25th April via Zoom.

**Early Bird £45* / after £65**

*Until April 23rd

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(Dates are: April 25th / May 23rd / June 27th)

Our online business group is aimed at generating ideas, offering support, and helping you grow online. It has been created to reach people based outside of our local area who can not attend in person.

Unlock your business potential with our online business strategy and focus group

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Join our exclusive group of ambitious entrepreneurs for a unique blend of growth, support, and success focusing on the online side of your business. You will meet new connections and discover new ways to work on your business that are fun and engaging.

Monthly Workshop

Option one to give SPARKS online a go is to book a one off taster session. There is no commitment and you will get great value just from that one session. (You can attend 3 taster sessions as a non member)

Each month is different topic but the process is the same. We work through challenges and ideas so that you leave with something to action and some positive changes for your business. Just like you, each business attending will bring their own set of experiences and pearls of wisdom. You will not only learn more about your business, improve strategy, systems and get more acquainted with getting your business seen online – you will benefit from the knowledge and experience in the room.

What awaits you

Monthly Zoom meet-ups.

Engage in an energising 2-hour group session each month. Collaborate, learn, and strategise for online and offline triumph. Each meeting will be hosted on Zoom and you will have the chance to work on your own business as well as get feedback from the group.

· Weekly messaging and voice message support (included in 3 month offer)

This is a member benefit but as an added bonus is included in the price of your 3 month offer. You will have the option to be added to the group from the time you sign up until the date of the next meeting.

We have a group set up so that you can leave messages and questions for us at AmberCouch or for other group members. We use an app that offers a voice-driven support system, just like having your own walkie-talkie. This is aimed at keeping you on track, offering your support, and keeping you accountable.

Once you get into the habit of it, having a like minded group on tap to continue with the support, brainstorming and implementation will be in valuable.

Where and when will it be?

  • The meet-up strategy sessions will take place once a month early evening.
  • The session time is 6pm til 8pm via Zoom
  • The next date is Thursday 25th April

What will I do whilst I am there?

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect:

  • Quick fire individual brainstorms to get you started on who and how
  • Group brainstorming sessions as part of a strategy to give you clarity and focus
  • Deep dive into chosen monthly topics to focus you on the different areas of your business
  • Get started with micro systems and how to implement them for less stress in the business
  • Q&A at the end of the strategy session to get your questions answered
  • To meet like-minded businesses owners that will support you and your business
  • Plan and strategise your way to falling in love with your business
SPARKS Online Taster Session April 25th 6pm - 8pm

**Early bird £45 until Tuesday 23rd**

If you are not quite sure what it is all about or are not ready to commit yet, this this is for you.

  • As a non member you will get to see us in action and decide whether you want to join.
  • This is one session plus the business support trial
  • Come along and take the first steps to improving your business.
  • There will be brainstorming and problem solving
  • Group feedback for your business
  • Ideas to implement and actions to take to get you closer to solving your problem or reaching your goal
  • You will also benefit from the knowledge and experience form the others in the room too
  • Taster session price includes a 4 week trial with our voice and messaging coaching for accountability and implementation.
  • Once you have booked you will be added to the messaging group and can get started
  • **Taster sessions are non refundable **
  • After the early bird offer,  the session will be £65
  • You are welcome to come to 3 sessions as a guest or block book our 3 session offer

Become A Member

Why become a member? Work like this works really well with a hive mind but equally when you have others to collaborate with, learn from and equally give back in return. A one off workshop is a great way to find out what it is all about and whether it is for you or not, but, the work will end there. Continued development, ideas, strategy and brainstorming, will bring your business forward each month.

The in app support, brainstorming, ideas and accountability is a huge benefit as it is accessible to you when it suits you. Once you get into the habit of using it you will have AmberCouch at your finger tips and that includes our main web developer Richard, on hand to answer any web or tech queries.

You will benefit from that regular time to put aside for your business, make new like minded connections and have the ongoing app based voice and messaging support at your finger tips.

· Exclusive content

As a member you will have access to our resources vault. Receive a regular dose of actionable insights. A short audio file on one of our proven micro systems or an online how-to guide in a chosen subject or platform. Supercharge your learning and improve the systems in your business at the same time.

· Member Spotlight

The opportunity to be in the spotlight during the session and either choose a 5 minute presentation or a quick fire Q&A

· Member Offers

As a member you will have the opportunity each month to create an offer to present to the group, face to face and in Voxer. You will be able to share the link to your offer in the Voxer group. The idea is that we get to know each others businesses and help support them with their products and services. Your offer can be directly for other attendees and/or for people they may know.

Out of the room you will get:

  • Exclusive content aimed at further learning, developing online skills, and growing your business
  • App based business support and brainstorming
  • Time to put into action work and ideas before the next meet up

*The first set of members will have access to the introductory rate of £95 for 12 months

*Rolling commitment, can cancel with 30 days notice

Full SPARKS membership

As from January 2024 the full SPARKS membership price will be £95 per month. This will be your full membership to include everything listed above in the copy. In the room and outside the room.

We hope to also set up a bonus session online between meetings for people that are not local. This will be an extra benefit for the face to face members at no extra cost.

In person workshops are the first Monday of every month starting at 10am.