SPARKS 1-2-1

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Strategic Collaboration Sessions: Elevate Your Ideas, Wherever You Are!

Unlock the power of collaborative thinking with our In-Person/Zoom brainstorming and support sessions. If you are wanting a more tailored face-to-face interaction to focus your ideas and seek guidance in bringing them to fruition, this offer is for you.

In the fast-paced world, time can seem to evaporate. We understand that other personal or business commitments can make it challenging to dedicate ample time, but – we’re here to assist you in building and growing your business efficiently. It will be time well spent and the changes and ideas we come up with will no doubt save you time in the weeks and months to come.

What can I expect from a 1-2-1 session?

· Monthly or one off meet-up:

You can choose to do this monthly or as a one off. Which ever suits you best at the time. If you choose monthly, after your first payment we can send info for a Direct Debit.

· Leave with something actionable to do

. A energetic session full of ideas and ready to go plans, inclusive of up to two colleagues, conducted either in person or via Zoom. The idea of these sessions is that you can put your ideas

Where and when will it be?

  • The sessions are either face to face locally upstairs in a dedicated room in Bradleys Coffee Shop
  • Or – on Zoom if that is your preference or if you are based outside of our local area
  • Sessions are likely to be a Tuesday pm or Wednesday or Thursday morning

What will I do whilst I am there?

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect:

  • With 1-2-1 you have dedicated time to work on a product or service and leave with it ready to go
  • There will be brainstorming to get your ideas out on paper
  • Research to help you get it right
  • Strategy to work out what to do first and how to do it
  • Help with pricing, margins and structure of sales material
  • Free coffee and cake!
SPARKS 1-2-1 Session

Book your 1-2-1 Sparks Session here and get started with focusing on what your business can do for you.