HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript

We use modern techniques and best practices to build all our websites. Whether you require a simple brochure or a complex app we strive to create websites with a solid foundation that can grow with your business.

Our basic website building blocks are HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Using these 3 technologies we can build rich web experiences for your users.


HTML is the code that gives your content meaning.
The HTML code is used by Google to help index your site and content. If done properly  well structured HTML can have a great impact on where Google ranks your website on its search results page. HTML also allow other technologies to use your content in a predictable way so your site will work as expected on a wide range of devices.


CSS is the code use to style your site. How your site looks should be important to you. First impressions are a massive factor when your users decide whether or not to engage with your site. Attractive, engaging and clearly laid out content will help drive traffic and conversions. Websites that are fast to load and simple to navigate also help user and therefore benefit your business. With well crafted CSS we can achieve these goals for your website.


This is where the magic happens. Modern web development uses javascript for a whole host of purposes, everything from animation to tracking visitors. Using javascript we can create rich interactive web experiences and still keep your website accessible and google friendly.