Diffusion Festival Cardiff – WordPress development

Diffusion Festival Cardiff – WordPress development


The Diffusion Festival in Cardiff was a month long festival. The festival was full of exhibitions, discussions, screenings and performances. Events and celebrations were organised in both physical and virtual spaces.
The festival included a website that would work as a preview of artists and venues prior to the launch of the festival. While the festival was running the website worked as a an interactive hub.
The final stage of the website would work as a historic archive once the festival had finished.
The festival was a success! Keep your eyes peeled for Diffusion Festival in Cardiff for 2014.

Our WordPress development project

We worked with the designers and festival curators to produce an interactive website. The result was a website that supported the festival on many levels. The site was built on wordpress and we utilised the Isotope jQuery plugin extensively.
Ambercouch worked with Echidna design on this project, it was a good team effort. If you are a developer who could do with an extra pair of hands for one of your WordPress development projects then get in touch.
We enjoyed this project. It was an organic wordpress development that took us on a journey through many processes. The final result was a exciting creative hub.

Tools & strategies

Our process included the tools listed below. To find out more just click the link below to take you to the appropriate page.

  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Isotope
  • Custom built WordPress plugins