Melissa Stanley – Photography Website


Melissa Stanley Photography is a new venture for Melissa, a keen, passionate photographer from Llanharan in South Wales. Like most people starting out Melissa has plenty of vision but she needed someone to help her get a website up and running for a reasonable budget. The photography website we have created for her is simple and easy to navigate. The main purpose of this site was to create a gallery to show of her work whilst retaining a strong visual look.

WordPress eCommerce Development

Using wordpress and a simple paypal shopping cart we were able to create an online eCommerce solution for Bo’Ru Collars. The secret to keeping it within budget was to strip back the functionality to a minimum and direct users that needed custom made collars to the contact form. This works in two ways, it make it easier for us to build and so keeps the costs down, but it also make it really easy for customers to buy. Although we would usually recommend shopify for eCommerce, if you can don’t need things like categories, options, shipping then wordpress can be an affordable alternative and is suitable for start up and new businesses when budgets are tight.

Tools & strategies

Our process included the tools listed below. To find out more just click the link below to take you to the appropriate page.