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Charity Website Design throws up some unique issues. Working with groups, committees and anyone who has different internet skill levels and expectations can be challenging.
Stretton Climate Care are a climate change awareness charity based in Church Stretton, Shropshire. They have been working with AmberCouch for over 7 years and in that time they have always tried to keep up to date with the latest technologies and leveraged the internet to promote their cause. This is the fourth iteration of their site that we have been involved in building and it is the first complete overhaul of the site since 2007.

Charity Website Design Cardiff

Adapting to users needs is important for all of our clients. Mobile and tablet users for the Stretton Climate Care website have been increasing for some time. The duration that users with portable devices spent on the site was poor, as too was the bounce rate for these users. The aim of the redesign was to make it easier for mobile users to engage with the website and consume the content when they are not at a desktop computer. With the objectives of increasing awareness of the charity, the local events they run as well as promoting the environmental message. It is early days but so far the new website seems to be working for them. Since the the site launched the bounce rate has fallen by 45% and mobile and tablet use has increased by 64%.
As well as creating a responsive website that fits optimally on the users device we also aimed to create a site that was fast. Both PageSpeed Insights and Web Page Test rate the site very highly. The homepage is also 40% under the average page weight for web pages in 2015 and that has got to be good for the environment.

Tools & strategies

Being a Cardiff web design agency, we often work remotely with clients and this project was no exception. We use lots of tools like google docs and Trello to organise our work and keep in touch with our clients.
Our WordPress website development process is becoming more honed as PHP development feels to us like it is maturing. Here is a brief list of tools that we used in this web development project.