Kitchens and bedrooms in Talbot Green

Kitchens and bedrooms in Talbot Green


Talbot Green is full of many wonders but did you know we have our very own Kitchen and Bedroom studio? Ready and waiting for you, the house do’er upper to go along and plan your dream kitchen or bedroom.

Forget the high street chains with all their sales and over selling, go somewhere where you deal with people who are just like you. They are not there to sell you something you don’t want to make their targets or cut the price of a product because it isn’t selling.

When you go to the Kitchen and Bedroom studio you will meet Rob or Geraldine, a husband and wife team that will have no doubt had one of their own kitchens in their own Homes and can personally vouch for what they are like to use on a daily basis.

Budgets, styles and weird shaped rooms

The Kitchen and bedroom studio have eight go to manufacturers they use for their kitchens. They range in price from budget to bespoke and come in various styles to suit you and your home. A traditional house – tick. A modern home – tick. A home with weird shape rooms – (yes they cover that too) – tick.
They have been the business a long while so you will get experience, knowledge and their expertise in an industry they have built a successful business within.

One stop shop for you home

They also have a magic trick up their sleeves, they don’t just sell the kitchens and bedrooms, they offer a complete service. A dedicated team of fitters, builders and go to electricians, plumbers, basically all the trades you need for doing up your house are available to you through the Kitchen and Bedroom Studio. Both Rob and Geraldine have very high standards so you can rest assured knowing that these people have been vetted within an inch of their lives and given the golden seal of approval.

Shop Local

Shopping here also ensures that you are giving back to your local area. We are big on shop local here at AmberCouch and a large percentage of our clients base, is here in the CF72 area , Cardiff and South Wales. We believe that by growing your local network everyone benefits, the income stays in your area and you can better build long standing relationships with people you can walk to meet with or just pop in the car for a short journey.

If you would liek to know more about the Kitchen and Bedroom studio you can visit their website or call them on 01443 223 052


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