Installing cURL on Windows

Installing cURL on Windows

I need to install cURL for the windows command prompted and had a little bit of trouble getting it to work. It ended up being really simple. If you are installing curl on Windows, these steps might save you some time.

Downloading curl

  1. Down load the cURL.exe file from here
  2. It gives you some options. I selected “Win64″/”Generic”/”Any”/”ia64”
  3. Click the first “download” Link which downloaded as zip file which contains the cURL.exe
  4. Extracted the Zip to “Program Files/curl”

You will then need to add it the you environment path so you can use it in the command prompt without  having to specify the path of the curl.exe file.

Adding curl to you environment path

  1. In windows explorer, right click “This PC” (AKA “My Computer”)
  2. Select properties
  3. Select advanced system settings
  4. Click environment variables
  5. Under system variables select “path” and click “edit”
  6. At the end of the variable value add “;C:\Program Files\curl” or the path to where your curl.exe file can be found
  7. Finally click OK to close all the open windows and then open a new command prompted window

That’s it, you can now run cURL commands from the command prompt.




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