Hashtags are increasingly popular within social media. Are people getting it right?

Q: Who is not using their ‪#‎hashtags‬ correctly? How should you be using your hashtags and why?

Firstly, are you displaying your hashtags like this #website #design or like this #websitedesign? The first example is not incorrect as such but it dilutes the search. People searching for tweets containing the words website design are specifically looking for info or followers or even examples of website design. But people searching for tweets that contain #website on its own could be anything to do with websites, the same goes for #design, it is too broad and your tweet is unlikely to come up as a search result for anyone looking to join or follow a conversation about website design.

You can narrow this down further if you are working in a certain area, for example if you are a web designer in Cardiff you may want to add this as a hash tag to your tweets. So perhaps you would display it as #webdesigncardiff not #web #design #cardiff

So why would you do this?

As mentioned above people on twitter join conversations or follow a hashtag. They do this for many reasons, to keep them updated, or to look for a particular service or interest. If you are diluting your hashtags as in the example above, you may be loosing out. Especially if your hashtag you created is to promote a product, service or to provide information. You can check if the hashtag you want to use is current, simply by searching for it in the search bar on your twitter homepage. If you get results that are relevant, you’re in! Join the conversation and off you go…


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