Get out the house and clear your mind!

Get out the house and clear your mind!

Sunday – the day of rest. That does not need to mean you sit in front of the T.V all day, doing nothing. This last week has been a hetic old week for Ambercouch. Mainly due to recently coming back from a road trip in Arizona but largely to do with the continued blame assigned to jet lag for all my short comings this week.

I’m tired – it’s the jet lag. I’m too busy – It’s the jetlag. I’m behind on my work – It’s the jetlag. Well, no it’s not, quit complaining and organise yourself. There are 24hrs in the day, everyone has the same amount of time each day. Getting outside to clear your mind each day or every couple days can and does actually help bring some clarity to your world.

Having enjoyed an whole extra hour of sleep as we officially welcome in Winter, I set to to plan my day. First off – sign up for the ‘6 steps to Better Business’ course that is being run by Action Coach, Cassandra Bodington. Great, something to tick off the list. Next stop, fresh air, it’s very stuffy in here, the woodburner worked hard last night and although it was cosy, it is possible that it was on for too long!

Off for a walk – nothing to much just half an hour outside. The minute you walk outside you feel you have achieved something because you are not leaving the house because you have to, you have chosen to for no reason at all other than to go outside. It’s great, it is dry today and slightly crisp, crunching leaves beneath boots and listening to the river run trying to drown out the traffic. People generally forget to escape and do something for them. You are no good for your business if you never leave it. Getting outside, clearing your mind and being free for a short while allows you to think clearly, be more focused, have new ideas.

Far Too Busy to Clear Your Mind!

Everyone seems to be on a hamster wheel, trying to achieve the impossible each day. Feeling bogged down by modern life and actually not having much of a life at all. Action is required.

If you feel like you never get time to yourself and the business or your personal life is suffering then just go outside, go on, do it now, today, just leave and come back twenty mins later. You will feel better and you never know what brilliant ideas you may have it that short time. If you feel you need more structure or help to allow time for yourself to breath, you could try Fresh Air Fridays. Ruth is on our our newest clients and she is brilliant. We will be working with her to help her grow her business and achieve her business goals.

If you do go outside and see wonderful things – Ruth has started a hashtag #freshairfoto. Share your surroundings with us all and let us see what you discovered.

Happy Sunday folks – now time for a cuppa.


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