Membership 1-2-1 Combo For Month One

Membership 1-2-1 Combo For Month One

If you are reading this you have liely got a few taster sessions under your belt and dabbled in our messaging group. Thank you for being part of the journey so far.

As you know we offer the membership rate and the 1-2-1 sessions. Both have now started to get interest so I thought a nice little combo offer to get three of you off the starting block would be a good idea.

As a member you will get 15% off our 1-2-1 rate BUT if you did want to take a leap and get your first session booked in, we can go one step better.

  • Membership is £95
  • The 1-2-1 currently £250
  • Our offer to you is a combo of 245 - which means you get your first 1-2-1 with us for £150.

A few terms -

  • Your first 1-2-1 will need to be booked within 6 weeks of your first session as a member
  • Once 3 people have booked and paid for this offer, it will close
  • Available to people that are committing to 3 months membership

Are you ready?