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AmberCouch have over 11 years experience in website design. We design, develop and maintain websites for business that want to grow. Between us we have a combined total of over 25 years working in web, design and technology. It is this experience that allows us to work with your business and achieve the results that you desire, whether that is an increase referrals, online sales, greater awareness of your brand or an increase in your market share. Our work in web development, design and branding has had proven success.

To achieve the results we do isn’t a walk in the park but it can be an exciting and rewarding endeavour for everyone involved. Our website build process starts with you. Before we design or code anything, we set out to understand as much about your business as possible. This allows us to work with you and your team, organising and shaping your content to achieve the best results on the web. Once we have all your content plus a good understanding of who you are and what you do, we will begin hand coding your website. We always strive to produce the best code possible. We use w3c standards as well as the latest technologies and most up to date practices. Having a great codebase behind your website creates a foundation for a site that is accessible and useable across a huge range of divices and browsers.

Website Design

Our hand coded websites are mobile responsive. This means that they adapt to the users device to give the best viewing experience possible, whether they are accessing your website on a mobile phone or a 50 inch plasma TV. We always make sure that our design will pass Google’s mobile friendly test. Having a mobile friendly, responsive web site means that your site can be viewed by the largest audience and Google won’t penalise you for neglecting your users.

Throughout the build of your website we always work with a performance budget in mind. Google put a high value on performance, website that’s are fast will typically rank hire than slower sites. Performance also benefits your users directly, a fast site will massively improve your users’ experience.

Successful Website Design

Once your website is live our work is not over. We set the bar high and will live and die by measurable results. This is achieved by the use of Google Analytics. With this tool we can see who us accessing your site, how they found it and how they are engaging with your content once they are there. But it doesn’t stop there, we can set up Google Analytics to track specific events and long term goals.

The ongoing success of your website is something that is very important to us. We have worked with many of our clients for many years and we want you to see a return on your investment when working with us. “House Keeping For Websites” is an ongoing service we can offer that means your website will not become out of date, and your website can grow as your business does.



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